What services do we offer?

CTC offers resources and anger management services for individuals, corporations and groups. Many people are personally struggling with out-of-control anger that results in aggression or harmful behavior and communication. Some have been mandated by employers, courts, schools or other institutions to complete an anger management program or class. Numerous people stuff their anger- they tend to give the ‘cold-shoulder’, becoming resentful and even depressed. The unhealthy attitudes and behavior that can result from anger mismanagement impedes personal goals and disrupts families, the workplace and communities.


What are the goals of our programs?

To demonstrate that anger is a force that can be put to use for good when people apply healthy strategies, changing self-talk and thinking. To teach individuals to reduce levels of anger in provocative situations and to apply effective coping behaviors which halt escalation and resolve conflicts.


Our programs and resources teach people how to achieve their personal and relational goals through the following skills:

  • assertiveness
  • behavioral skills- such as the time-out
  • empathy
  • stress management
  • problem-solving
  • conflict resolution
  • forgiveness

What are kinds of programs do we offer?

We offer groups and individual anger management services with our certified anger management specialists. Through our anger management groups, evaluations and coaching sessions – we assess anger issues/needs, coping skills and teach empirically based skills: relaxation, behavioral and cognitive strategies – incorporating emotional intelligence areas of development.


We offer Anger Management Coaching Assessment sessions. The coaching includes an assessment and individualized training in identifying and preventing anger triggers.

The client will learn anger and stress management skills, how to replace inappropriate and unacceptable behavior (rudeness, hostility, yelling, outbursts, put‑downs, insults, etc.), conflict management and empathy skills.


What is Anger Management coaching?

When individuals engage in an Anger Management Coaching relationship they can anticipate experiencing and developing the following:

… fresh perspectives about anger management/control and its opportunities,

… enhanced thinking and decision-making skills for achievement of goals,

… improved interpersonal effectiveness and emotional intelligence skills,

… increased understanding and confidence about life, roles and relationships!


Anger Management coaching seeks to produce results, new life‑skills, self‑confidence and positive ways of perceiving the world and developing relationships at work, in the community and at home. Coaching services include an assessment and 6 sessions with one of our staff.