Court/Mandated Anger Management for Teens Services

Court/Mandated Anger Management program for teenagers

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Court/Mandated Anger Management Classes for Teens

The teenage phase of 13 to 18 can be difficult for many. Facing so many changes at once is a stage of life. Teens often need someone to talk to about life challenges and may feel as if no one in their world really understands them. They want to be heard and be understood about all that is going on in their life. Teenagers face many temptations and scary situations daily.

At CTC, we provide group and individual class sessions targeting out of control anger that resulted in domestic violence or assault charges. This Anger Management Program is specially organized to meet the court-ordered domestic abuse/violence/assault offender probation requirement. Upon completion of this program, a Certificate will be presented to all individuals

If you are court-ordered to take anger management classes, CTC is certified and approved to provide your course.

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Intake/Enrollment Fee of $50.00 is required to take your class.

Individual sessions only 

8 hour class $400.00

12 hour class $600.00

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