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Johnell Stevens – About

Hello, I am Johnell Stevens, the founder of Committed to Change. CTC is an organization dedicated to helping people understand and deal with their anger in more positive ways. As CTC was created from a place of compassion, my team and I go the extra mile to provide you with a passionate and caring service. Being a trained Social Worker and Certified Anger Management Specialist, I am well experienced in helping clients manage a wide range of personal and social challenges. With more than a decade of experience, my team CTC is well equipped to work with families, children, adolescences, and adults as well as individuals managing Mental Health and Substance Abuse challenges. CTC is committed to your success and offers flexible online scheduling to help meet your needs. We provide private, face-to-face, video conferencing, and online classes so you can conveniently access what you need by simply using your phone, tablet, or computer.
Our mission is to improve lives by creating an environment of comfort and understanding of the negative perceptions of anger. We aim to promote self-awareness and reduce violence through anger management and mental health services in our communities. We also plan to teach and provide therapy to individuals suffering from anger and mental health.
Our vision is to have a peaceful world where people are comfortable and in control of their emotions.

Johnell Stevens, MSW, CAMS- 1
Masters in Social Work

Certified Anger Management Specialist- 1
Founder of CTC